Fundamentals of Kubernetes for Container Orchestration

Docker containers have revolutionized the way that modern, cloud-native, web-scale applications are being built and run. Kubernetes is a Google developed, open sourced container orchestration/scheduling software that is the dominant means of deploying and managing those applications. As companies increasing embark on ‘digital transformations,’ experience with the Docker/Kubernetes stack is becoming an increasingly important and valuable skill.

The course will provide you a review of fundamental Docker container concepts (definitions, architectures, function). You will then learn about Kubernetes architecture and function, how Kubernetes stacks up to other COEs (and why it is the leading COE solution), and, most importantly, how to use the software. During lab exercises, you will build your own Docker container application image and then used Kubernetes to deploy and scale containers running that application.

If you need to understand how this technology relates to the products you are developing or considering purchasing, are considering developing cloud-native applications, or want to be up to speed on the technology that is operating the cloud for that next job interview, this course will give you tactical experience with the two technologies that increasingly underlie modern cloud-based infrastructures and applications.

This course is appropriate for Application Developers, Infrastructure Operators, Project Managers, Pre-Sales / Sales Engineers, and Development Managers.

Recommended Prep:

Experience with Linux command line

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