Total App Domination

This course builds on the "Bundle Your Apps Like a Boss" curriculum and looks at more advanced Docker and Kubernetes topics, including:

  • container networking
  • container storage
  • best-practices of managing cloud-native applications

Moving beyond the install, "Total App Domination" focuses on the ongoing operations of your app, including the tools needed to keep your Container Orchestration Environment (COE) and the applications it is managing healthy and resilient.

Lecture-based content is reinforced with hands-on lab exercises that serve as starting points for building your own Kubernetes environments.

Whether you need to understand how this technology relates to the products you are developing (or considering purchasing), are considering developing cloud-native applications, or want to be up to speed on the latest cloud technology before your next job interview, this course will give you experience with the two technologies that increasingly underlie modern cloud-based infrastructures and applications.

The training is intended to be tactical, with the expectation that--beyond a fundamental understanding of principles presented--you will be ready and able to use Docker and Kubernetes by the end of this course.

Required Prep:

Completion of Bundle Your Apps Like a Boss or equivalent knowledge and experience

Recommended Prep:

Experience with Linux command line will be helpful

- Section 1 - Online
Honolulu Community College; Starmer; $1297
course code: BUS2512-002

Online curriculum available from August 27 - September 7, 2018.
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