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Project Management

P6 for Government Contracts

This 3-day training is specifically focused on achieving compliance with the strict scheduling requirements required on US Government Department of Defense contracts. Curriculum includes hands-on exercises for building schedules that meet all US Government standards for setup, cost loading, reporting, submittal, and file export.

Day 1: Introduction/Refresher to P6

Day 2 and 3: P6 Compliance for Government Projects, I and II

- Section 1 - Jun 7 - Jun 9; TWTh; 8:00 am - 5:00 pm; 3 mtgs
Honolulu Community College; Cassell; $1665
course code: BUS2500-003

Call (360) 891-5811 for information and registration.

P6 Fundamentals for Construction Projects

This 2-day session provides hands-on training of basic P6 fundamentals. At the end of this training, attendees will be able to setup and build a schedule, print reports and update progress for timely project management decisions, throughout the duration of the project.

Day 1: P6 Fundamentals
P6 navigation, managing single and multiple projects in the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
Manage User Preferences and Administrative Settings (P6 Administrator)
Create a Project, Calendars, and Defaults
Build the WBS structure and Activity Codes
Add Activities & Milestones, add Relationships & Constraints
Schedule the Project and review the Schedule Report

Day 2: Optimizing the Schedule & Reporting
Review Day 1 – optimize the Schedule
Add Resources and Costs
Build and save Basic Layouts and Reports
Print graphical reports, including Cash Flow Curve
Update the Project Schedule for Progress (Statusing the Activities)
Maintain and Assign Baselines
Filtering and more advanced Reports

For more information:

- Section 1 - Jun 5 - Jun 6; MT; 8:00 am - 5:00 pm; 2 mtgs
Honolulu Community College; $1190
course code: BUS2501-002

Call (360) 891-5811 for information and registration.