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Register to show your skills and get valuable experience speaking. We are looking for 5 min, 20 min and 30 minute talks in these areas AND we can help you prepare. We have folks on hand with experience speaking at International conferences, who can help every step of the way.

Here’s your chance to show off your skills and passion to the wider Python community in Hawaii.

We are looking for talks in these topics aimed at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced:

  • Best Practices & patterns
  • Community
  • Databases
  • Data Science / Data Analysis
  • Education
  • Embedded Systems
  • Gaming
  • Other
  • Python Core (language, standard library, etc)
  • Python Internals
  • Python Libraries
  • Security
  • System Administration
  • Testing
  • Web Frameworks

You can have your 5, 20, or 30 minutes of Python fame at PyNow! It’s simple. Fill out our call for talks form online by October 14, and the PyNow team will get back to you about your topic. There’s no need to fret. We’re a fun group of Pythonistas who believe in growing, evolving, and continuous learning of the language.

Not sure if you’re ready to give a talk? Don’t know what to talk about? We can help!

We have members who have spoken at international conferences and can help you:

  • Decide on a topic
  • Practice your speaking skills
  • Work through any bugs in your code
  • etc

We can be reached at if you have any questions or want to discuss.

Once a final decision has been made on speakers, you will be notified and a talk schedule will be published.