Strada Hawai‘i Government Employee STEM

Workforce Fund


The Strada Hawaii Government Employee STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering and/or Math) Workforce Fund was established to
upgrade the technical skills of the city, state, and federal government

City, state, and federal employees who take STEM courses at the University
of Hawaii Pacific Center for Advanced Technology and Training (PCATT)
are eligible for tuition assistance ($400 maximum per course). Specifically,
an employee may receive assistance for the 50% of the first $800 of a STEM
course (not to exceed $400 per course).


Hawaii residents who are current, full-time employees of city,
state and federal governments, government contractors or select non-profit
organizations are eligible to participate in the program. Temporary or casual
hires are ineligible.
***Note if the employer qualifies for the State of Hawaii Workforce
Development Division Employment & Training Fund, they are ineligible for
the Strada STEM Workforce Fund.


Training completed by December 22, 2017.


Click here to view courses approved for training. 


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Contact Beryl Morimoto
808 845-9464