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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Introduction to StoryMaps (Using ArcGIS)

StoryMaps is an Esri product which lets you “combine authoritative maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. They make it easy to harness the power of maps and geography to tell your story.” In this introduction, you will:

  • Sample story maps
  • Learn to use online data resources
  • Create a simple web map
  • Customize your web map
  • Create a Basic story map using your web map

Section - COM2097-004

StoryMaps (Using ArcGIS) Part 2

InPart 2, you will continue to add skills to your ability to use StoryMaps in hands-on labs. You will

  • Publish your own data online
    • Spreadsheet
    • ArcGIS Desktop
  • Update your online data
  • Learn about additional story map templates
    • Map Tour
    • Map Journal
    • Swipe and Spyglass

Section - COM2098-004

StoryMaps (Using ArcGIS) Part 3

Part 3 will have you flying with more cool tools in StoryMaps. You will:

  • Learn about additional StoryMap templates
    • Map Series
    • Shortlist
    • Crowdsource
  • Use Web App Builder

Section - COM2099-004

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