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Business Writing and Communication

Communicating with Your Customers

The use of technology is vital to our daily communication, whether we communicate through emails or hold conversations on the phone, etiquette is important. Cultural factors can also create diverse communication challenges and situations. When you develop an understanding of differences and experiences, it helps to promote acceptance and respect for other ideas and viewpoints. Topics include:

  • Email and Phone Communication
  • Inter- and Cross-cultural Communication 

Section - BUS3081-002

Communication Starts with Me

Learning how the key communication components can influence the outcome is important to understanding our own personal communication. Our word choices and body language play crucial roles in communicating our ideas, thoughts and feelings. Cultural differences can also impact the perception and interpretation of nonverbal communication. Assess your current listening skills and learn to change behaviors that hamper your communication. Learn how to best communicate in a manner that positively impacts the success of your message. Topics include:

  • Communication and Perception
  • Words Matter
  • The Power of Body Language 
  • Hello, Can Anyone Hear Me?

Section - BUS3079-002


Successful organizations rely on teamwork. Teamwork is a key component of employee engagement. Everyone has an agenda when participating in groups, but success starts with identifying each person's strengths and what they bring to the table. Whether you're a leader or a follower, both make valuable contributions to the overall success of the team and the organization. Topics include:

  • Working in Teams
  • Communicating in Groups
  • Do You Lead or Follow?

Section - BUS3006-006

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