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Web Development

HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript Fundamentals, Part 1

Start with HTML5 and add CSS3 to get up to date with the latest in Web development. To this add JavaScript and you have a dynamic and interactive website. This course will focus on providing a basic understanding and functionality of today's Web development environment. You will learn to use today's best tools to create Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.  

Topics include: 
•    HTML5 - Start with basic tags in HTML5 and progress to more advanced and customized tags in XML to create a website
•    CSS3 - Start with basic Cascading Style Sheets functions and develop more advanced UI/UX with responsive functionality
•    JavaScript - Start with Basic JavaScript and learn to develop your own functions that make your site interactive using existing open source APIs

Section - COM2113-006

Programming Database Driven Websites

The purpose of this course is to maintain currency with rapidly changing website technologies throughout the world, with an emphasis in Hawai‘i’s business industry. Websites have become the standard medium for exchanging data between users and organizations, as well as between users. Websites interface user client-side browsers to organizational databases. This course is a project-based course where students can expand upon their knowledge using the most common client-side programming languages as well as the most common server-side scripting language and database technology in use by organizations today. Projects will include writing client-side programs in HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and Angular JS, as well as server-side programs written in PHP interfacing to SQL databases. Students also learn how to configure WordPress websites interfacing server-side SQL databases.

Section - COM3001-001

WordPress Advanced

Control your own website! Start customizing and gain plug-in control. Also includes basic introduction on CSS stylesheets. Prerequisite: Have your own WordPress website up and running.

Section - COM6101-013

Section - COM6101-014

Section - COM6101-015

WordPress: Blogging Basics

Join the Blogosphere today! This course goes over the basics of WordPress from setting up a blog to adding pages as well as its general uses and functions.

Section - COM6022-024

Section - COM6022-025

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