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Web Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript Fundamentals, Part 1

Start with HTML5 and add CSS3 to get up to date with the latest in Web development. To this add JavaScript and you have a dynamic and interactive website. This course will focus on providing a basic understanding and functionality of today's Web development environment. You will learn to use today's best tools to create Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.  

Topics include: 
•    HTML5 - Start with basic tags in HTML5 and progress to more advanced and customized tags in XML to create a website
•    CSS3 - Start with basic Cascading Style Sheets functions and develop more advanced UI/UX with responsive functionality
•    JavaScript - Start with Basic JavaScript and learn to develop your own functions that make your site interactive using existing open source APIs

Section - COM2113-005

WordPress Advanced

Control your own website! Start customizing and gain plug-in control. Also includes basic introduction on CSS stylesheets. Prerequisite: Have your own WordPress website up and running.

Section - COM6101-012

Section - COM6101-013

Section - COM6101-014

Section - COM6101-015

WordPress: Blogging Basics

Join the Blogosphere today! This course goes over the basics of WordPress from setting up a blog to adding pages as well as its general uses and functions.

Section - COM6022-022

Section - COM6022-023

Section - COM6022-024

Section - COM6022-025

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