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Business Computing

Google Suite

Welcome to our Google G Suite Create courseware. G Suite is Google’s online-only office productivity suite. It is comprised of Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, and more.

This course is intended to help all novice G Suite users get up to speed quickly. We will cover how to log into a G Suite account, navigate its interface, and use its component apps to complete common productivity tasks. 

Section - COM4550-001

Introduction to Survey Creation & Analysis

This high-level course utilizing multiple applications is designed for you to engage as a first step for survey creation and analysis.  Learn the most important question for the design of your survey and potential biases.  Create and send surveys using Google Forms/Sheets.  Understand Mean Perceived Learning Scores (MPLS) with Likert Type survey questions as you begin analyzing the responses for an understanding of the survey results.  An introduction to basic statistics including understanding Z-scores and standard deviations to identify statistical significance while utilizing tools (including ANOVA and Post Hoc tests in MS Excel and "R").

Section - COM3040-003

Introduction to Utilizing Pivot Tables in Excel

In this hands-on session, you will learn some basics of what a Pivot table is and how it may save you time for summarizing your data and displaying appropriate reports.

Section - COM3047-001

Microsoft Excel Essentials

Go beyond the basics and learn how to write a formula, work with a built-in function, create a chart and organize data in a list.

Section - COM6017-023

Section - COM6017-024

Section - COM6017-025

Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Tap into the power of Excel by using more functions that are built-in and explore the needed techniques to build multiple sheet workbooks and to link and consolidate data among them.

Section - COM6018-021

Section - COM6018-022

Section - COM6018-023

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