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Pacific Center for Adavanced Technology Training (PCATT) is located in Downtown Honolulu, with ample parking. We are on the city bus line, which makes it convenient to commute from anywhere on Oahu.


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Management and Leadership

Analyzing Processes to Map Better Outcomes

Leaders often face challenging environments, which require budget reduction, increased efficiencies, streamlining of work, and increasing production. Using process maps, leaders can analyze the process to make effective decisions and identify opportunities for improvement. This workshop provides a hands-on opportunity to learn basic process mapping analysis, which leverages basic process mapping concepts and introduces new skills in detailed process mapping, and new components in process analysis. *Recommend completing Basics of Business Process Mapping prior to taking this course.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Learner Outcomes

Contact course coordinator for information regarding learning outcomes.

Section - BUS5651-014

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